Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Frennz. Here some of FAQ that you might find helpful regarding our products.

When Ainy'z was founded?

For you information, Ainy’z was founded since July, 2018.

What is Ainy'z signature products?

As what you can see on our Products page, we have Lip Mattes, Belvi health food supliments and Bae foundations. Our main signature products is Bae foundations where it enhanced your skin with our natural foundations.

How to buy the products?

As for now, you can reach us through Facebook, Instagram and contact us via WhatsApp to make a purchase. We do a lot of offers to our frenzz. So, do not hesitate to contact us now!

Are Ainy'z Beauty product range certified by authorities?

Yes, all our product lines has been approved by Ministry of Health. We can guaranteed that all our products using 100% herbs and not contain any chemical that may hurt your skin.

Can i join as an agent?

If you wish to have extra income, we are pleased that you could join us as part of Frenzz team. Please do contact us via WhatsApp .

Have Other Questions?

If you find that you questions is not answered here, please do contact us via our contact us page.